JRC partnered with Electrix/Omexom on the street lighting network roll-out of new LED lighting across Canberra, commencing in May 2018. The upgrade included installing 45,000 LED light fittings across the ACT road network, which is about 55% of the 80,000 lights presently on the network. The new light fittings offer a smart capacity to work more efficiently than the existing technology and are expected to serve as a great asset upgrade for the residents of Canberra.

Electrix/Omexom is a large multinational business with a proud relationship and connection to France, where its technology side comes from. JRC was very fortunate to work with the team and learn best practices as part of this project. We have been integral in bringing employees from Electrix, Transport Canberra, and City Services (TCCS), JRC together to share insights and learnings. JRC recognised the effective collaboration with a ‘breakfast toolbox’ event in April 2019.