JRC Electrical Services have been fortunate enough to partner with Electrix/Omexom on the Street Lighting network roll out of new LED lighting across Canberra.  This will mean installing 45,000 LED light fittings across the ACT road network which is about 55% of the 80,000 lights presently on the network.  The light fittings will have a smart capacity to work more efficiently than the existing technology and will serve as a great asset upgrade for the residents of Canberra.  Managing Director Brendan Read says “Electrix/Omexom are a large Multinational business that has a proud relationship & connection to France which is where the technology side of their product comes from.  They have the smart technology inside their company which is able to be used on the ACT Government Street Lighting network to better enhance the efficient use of the lights and its ability to pay back the residents of Canberra for a better network into the future.  We are very fortunate to work with these guys and learn from them in best practice for works on the TCCS roads network in the ACT”

JRC Staff are excited about the future and their part to play in this project that has a visible and tangible benefit for the people of Canberra. Read Article in the Canberra Times