Phillip Oval Lighting – AFL NSW/ACT

Working collaboratively with AFL NSW/ACT, JRC provided a fixed budget for lighting and electrical works at Phillip Oval. To keep costs down, JRC engaged a local design company, JRC Consulting Engineers, to re-assess the requirements and revisit the scope. Simultaneously, we scoured local suppliers for lighting to meet the requirements both structurally and aesthetically.

In addition to the installation requirements for the construction managers, JRC provided additional services to AFL NSW/ACT for fibre optic connections for a scoreboard, including power. 

When onsite, the JRC team showed its knack for completing tricky tasks given the undulating ground levels, sloping areas around footings, and latent conditions that could have affected pricing.

Using 35-metre poles and head frames is always a challenge, however utilising the services of good local contractors makes a huge difference – on this occasion, JRC engaged RAR Cranes for the rigging and the lifting. This allowed the poles to be constructed on the ground, with light fittings attached and then lifted onto the footings and safely secured in place.

On the day of the first lift we had strong winds of approximately 40–50km/hour and it was decided half-way through the lift to abort the use of the crane. This was at JRC expense, however it provides evidence that safety is first and foremost for our business every step of the way.

This project contained many moving parts including safety, time and budget management. All these factors were managed without impacting on the quality of the project delivery.

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