Northbourne Avenue Verge Improvement

ComplexCo was awarded the Northbourne Avenue Verge Improvement Project, of which JRC was a vital part. While the JRC street lighting component was relatively simple, we faced the challenge of working around the largest civil project in Canberra: stage one of light rail. Managing service outages posed some timing challenges, while maintaining public access to the main city thoroughfare was always a consideration.

The night before project handover, a vehicle unfortunately crashed into a newly installed street light. Our quick action meant we were able to remove the pole and keep the verges open to the public, with minimal fuss.

All our work paid off. ComplexCo won the ACT Civil Contractors Federation awards in the category of Projects between $2M–$5M. We were very proud to be part of the team that delivered such an impressive area at the junction of light rail in the city.