JRC has the products and solutions to guarantee you achieve reductions in your power consumption and maintenance costs – whether you’re installing new lighting services or upgrading existing lighting.

LED lights have many different applications. They are used for:

  • art lighting
  • outdoor or garden lighting
  • night lighting
  • items such as DVD players, computers and televisions

JRC has designed and installed external LED lighting for various major projects, including:

  • Black Mountain Tower
  • Academy of Science ‘Science Dome’
  • City Labour Club

LED lighting benefits

If you need reasons to support an upgrade to LED lighting, consider these benefits:

  • decrease electricity costs by up to 90%
  • long life span – up to 80,000 hours
  • rugged durability – no filaments or fragile internal components
  • compact size
  • they start at full brightness, so no requirement for them to warm up and no lamp flickering
  • environmentally friendly – no mercury or harmful gases