Naomi Higgins

Naomi is the eyes and ears for the maintenance division. Naomi Quickly delegating inquires to appropriate divisions and provides support to clients and employees. Naomi manages work in progress meetings, invoicing, liaising with wholesalers and clientele, organising urgent works and assisting where she can.

Maddie Shaw

Maddie works closely with our Projects and High Voltage divisions assisting in the administration of projects including, overseeing quality control of works in projects, work in progress meetings, liaising with High Voltage wholesalers and stakeholders and Organising work schedules and materials for our Projects division. Her role also assists in managing sales meetings for the sales teams and organising tender…

Zac Robinson
Maintenance manager

Zac has over 16 years experience in the electrical industry specialising in level 2 works,  small project work and reactive maintenance. In this role, Zac is responsible for a team of electricians who carry out Reactive and Preventive Maintenance work in across residential, commercial and industrial sites. Zac is passionate about delivering outstanding customer service for all customers big and…

Tim Hogan
HV Works Manager

Tim has over 15 years experience in the electrical industry across a wide range of specialties and is in charge of  the JRC High voltage division. Tim is responsible for a team of level 1 electricians and linesman who carry out substation installations, installation and removal of power poles and wires, level 1 works and underground cabling. 

Rob O’ Connell
Director / Projects Manager

Rob is a founding director of RMC Maintenance Group Pty Ltd, the original parent company of JRC Electrical Services. Rob has been managing the Project Installation division for 20 years. Rob has over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry and has expertise in all aspects of the electrical industry, having been employed by several industrial manufacturers over many…

Robert Ellison

Robert has over 25 years of management experience in the electrical industry and is the General Manager of JRC Electrical. In this role, Robert is responsible for overseeing all departments to ensure they run to their optimum. Robert is also qualified in business management and well understands the company’s needs and provides support to department managers as needed. Robert has…