Berrambool power upgrade – Bega City Council

Through JRC director Brendan Read’s AFL contacts, we were asked in 2017 to put together a design and budget proposal for a lighting upgrade at the Berrambool Sports Complex in the coastal town of Merimbula, NSW. JRC was asked to partner with:

  • AFLNSW – South Coast
  • Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC)
  • NSW Government Grants Commission (which was critical to the project commencing)
  • Merimbula Diggers (home team of the oval)

The design required 200lux on the oval, with consideration for the nearby residences and airport. JRC engaged:

  • JRC Consulting Engineers for the lighting design
  • ACT Geotech for the soil conditions
  • Haymens Poles for the 30 m tower
  • Arealux as light fitting manufacturer

In 2019, our proposal was granted funding. We moved to a detailed design and community consultation phase and undertook a review of environmental factors, to give the contractor guidelines to work within. 

Our civil works were completed pre-Christmas 2019, which was advantageous given the 2019/2020 summer was marred by bushfires, with Berrambool being used as a safe area for tourists in the area. Our lighting installation was put back and carried out in April, which meant JRC was required to pay suppliers for works we couldn’t invoice for, but due to our relationship with the AFL, we were happy to do this. 

After being awarded the lighting upgrade, JRC was engaged by BVSC to manage the power supply upgrade to the facility. The new high voltage supply included a transformer and main switchboard installation, along with a WiFi remote control for the oval’s lighting.

Given the nature of the power upgrade, JRC had to coordinate a high voltage shutdown for part of the small coastal town.

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