Belconnen bikeways lighting – Cord Civil

With a design by RD Gossip Engineering and Cardno as the Superintendent, the ACT Government embarked on an ambitious project to build a new 4.7-kilometre bikeway through existing areas of infrastructure to Belconnen Town Centre and onto Hayden Drive. It was created to better connect people in the suburbs to Belconnen Town Centre. It starts on Coulter Drive in Florey and follows the old busway on Joynton Smith Drive to the Belconnen Town Centre. Plus, it runs on Emu Bank through to the University of Canberra to Haydon Drive via College Street.

JRC tendered to Cord Civil and was engaged to install over 90 new LED street lights, and modernise two existing traffic signal intersections to accommodate the new cycle movements throughout the busy town centre. One of the features of the new bikeway was to reuse of the old bus clearway next to Joynton Smith Crescent and turn it into a bike riders’ heaven.   

With the project running through the town centre in a ‘brown field’ sense, JRC had to keep the existing lighting working until such time as we changed over the two new street light control cubicles and put the lighting onto the new system. This also served a purpose of asset separation for the TCCS lights to be taken off the Evo Energy network for easier maintenance in the future.